Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching

Coaching Sessions and Prices
online or in person 1:1 sessions available
Gift Vouchers available for any amount

  • Single session (60-90mins plus messaging follow up) £60
    Learn how the Subconscious mind works, identify what you would like to change and start it shifting. Incudes learning tools to use daily.
  • Coaching Set 3x sessions (60-90 mins) £180
    Get into the core of the issue currently presenting itself, achieve subconscious change using gentle techniques (Timeline, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Body Buttons tm) and have a clear plan to move forwards.
  • Body Button(TM) programming (30-60 mins) £40
    Store a button of calm, confidence or even motivation to help you on those days you need it most.
  • 360º Programme - coming soon
  • VIP Day (8 - 10 hours) Price on application.
    This is a beautiful fully immersive Transformation Breakthrough Day, focused entirely on you.
    We will deep dive into your presenting issues, identify and explore those beliefs which are holding you back from your full potential, create your Values and clear the old beliefs and emotions which are no longer serving you - creating space for your dream goals to grow.

Emotional Coaching


Learn to see how you filter your reality.

Get your subconscious in alignment with what you want to achieve.

Let go of what's holding you back.

Release that emotion that you have been holding onto, so tightly, for so long.

Create space for inspiration and unlock what you’d really like to bring into your reality.

Learn quick and easy tools to use in daily life.

Feeling stuck?
Feeling like you're holding onto something, but don't even know what that is?!
Ever feel like you want to achieve something but you're either not sure how to go about it or things just seem to get in the way?

We need to get subconscious...

Our conscious mind is only 4% of our thinking, our subconscious makes up the other 96% and it rules the show! There are many good reasons for this, without it we would need to focus on too many things to even function.
But… its first job is ‘to keep us safe’, avoiding anything new, which usually means resisting any change.

If you find it hard to stick to New Years Resolutions, keeping to healthy eating or an exercise programme, you have been trying to achieve the change through your conscious mind (will power), but the subconscious can be sabotaging all your efforts.

Not only does our subconscious strive to keep us safe (avoiding change) but it also seeks out more of the same, so old programming (behaviours and beliefs) will just be repeated until upgraded, keeping you in the same old loops again and again.

Does that sound familiar... stuck in a loop?
Experiencing continual doubt, anxiety or just not seeing a way out of your current situation?

We often hold thoughts or beliefs such as “that couldn’t happen for me” or “it just doesn’t work that way”, these thoughts already limit what we believe can happen, restricting our achievements before we have even started.

What if it was achievable?
Imagine for a moment what a difference that could make to your life...

Using tools from – Neuro Linguistic Programming, Foundational Hypnotherapy, Future Casting ® and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) – Learn a set of tools to use as you transform your life.

The Shift Method® Coaching shows you how to notice & release what’s holding you back and move forward to be the best version of yourself that you want to be.

Member of The Shift Method® system since May 2020.
The Shift Method® Graduate May 2021